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Information Technology Management Strategy

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Determining the information technology (IT) management strategy that will work best for an organization requires that an assessment of the current state of the organization be conducted.

Write a strategic information systems assessment for an organization that includes the following:
An analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the case study organization that is related to its present information systems environment.
An assessment of the forces that are presently governing competition for the case study organization
Using Wiseman's Framework of Strategy Development, define strategic thrusts (and related advantages) that the case study organization should use to build a business case for implementing an information systems management plan

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Strategic Information Systems Assessment

Milagros Food Outlet:
Milagros Food Outlet is an example of a fictitious company which is deals in the provision of food commodities and at the same time offering motel services. To ensure that the company handles the large numbers of customers who are always flowing in and out of the company, the company makes use of its information system which was designed at the same time the company was developed. As a result of expansion, the company's information system was rendered outdated however; the company opted to utilize a file system to ensure that all customer information was recorded as required by the company.

Organization's Vision:
The company has a vision of ensuring that all the customers in the industry are served, and at the same time correct information regarding the customers is also recorded whenever a customer makes a booking within the Motel Section either by check or by cash.

Strategic Information System Assessment- SWOT Analysis:
An information system includes various hardware and software materials which have the capability of supporting applications which are data intensive within an organization. An environmental analysis of the company plays a part in providing the internal and external environmental analysis of the company which provides a state in which the company is in at the moment. Taking a look at the company's strengths, the company has the capability of storing customer information within their database for a long time period without having to worry about security concerns since the databases are password protected. In addition to this, there is some ...

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The solution discusses the information technology (IT) management strategy that will work best for an organization requires that an assessment of the current state of the organization.

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