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Based on the short and long term effects of the crisis, what could the company have done differently to either avoid or better manage the crisis?

How can the company prevent this type of crisis from happening in the future?

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In the Tylenol case, the entire problem was handled with efficiency and quick action. Company officials only held off doing any damage control by a few days, not months such as the peter pan problem, and acted quickly to remove product from the shelf and notify the public of the problem and their way of handling it. The company then went to work restocking the stores with products they had validated as safe and began to create better packaging to prevent future problems. When the law enforcement community decided it was a case of tampering, TYLENOL went to work again, putting out the word and ...

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A discussion about the murder of people in the Chicago area using Tylenol. The question posed is conflicting with the evidence and the answer explains how the company met the needs of the consumer and changed the way items are presented for sale.