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Five Stages of Group Development & Relationships in Groups

You are a manager responsible for introducing new employees in your organization to their teammates. Having recently accepted a promotion, you have decided to write a 3-page memo for the new manager who will replace you. The new manager is an accountant with limited background in group formation and communication. In this memo, draw upon the workplace experience of your Learning Team members by using real-life examples to help you complete the following

Describe the five stages of group development briefly and explain how relationships form in groups. Describe the role of group communication in this process.

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Welcome to the company! I wanted to introduce you to our current staff, as well as help you in your new position of introducing new employees to their teammates. This is an important function in making sure the operation works cohesively and communicates well. There are five stages of group development. The first stage is the 'forming' stage; this is happens from the very first day employees begin work or when a new group is developed. The employees start gathering impressions about the similarities and differences between themselves and others in the department or group, which tends to lead to future subgrouping. In introducing new employees, I always try to point out similarities that two employees might have, for instance, when Mr. Brown started I pointed out that he and Ms. Calypso had both attended the same university, and that Mr. Offer also shared an interest in tax accounting. In this way employees tend to focus on the similarities at hand, rather than concern over feelings and fitting in. This stage includes orientation, in which the new employee becomes orientated to the group and tasks, and visa versa. Most of the discussion centers on the task, how to handle it, and similar concerns. The leader or head of the department typically directs the structure of the department in this stage and works on listening to the different group members, maintaining ...

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