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Group membership and stages of development

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Humans have a tendency to create relationships and be part of groups. Groups can influence individual behaviors, values, and goals. Experiences within these groups, along with our individual experiences, prepare us for decision making and learning.

Identify and describe at least three (3) groups that you are or have been in association with and how these experiences have helped you develop as an adult.
How will your life experiences prove to be beneficial as you begin your degree program? (Group memberships can include but are not limited to clubs, athletic organizations, religious organizations, schools, family, cultures, and ethnicity.)
As we know, not all of our life experiences are positive. How can you overcome the negative influences in your life and focus on the positive ones to achieve success in your current stage of life?

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Three groups that are very influential in people's lives would be their family, church, and school.

Using Erikson's stages of development (Atalay, M., 2007), one could say that she is in the sixth stage of intimacy versus isolation. She could say that she made it through the first stage of basic trust versus mistrust by having a mother that took good care of her, although her father was not available during her childhood. You ...

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Examples are given of important social groups and how they influence stages of development.

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