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Sales Strategy: Coca-Cola

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1. What is the sales strategy of Coca-Cola?
2. Who are the top ten customers (such as grocery markets, theme parks, restaurants, movie theaters, among others) of Coca-Cola?

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1. What is the sales strategy of Coca-Cola?

The traditional sales method of Coca Cola is sending distribution trucks to each customer's premises, taking orders, and delivering from the stocks. The firm localizes production and builds infrastructures through partnerships with the governments overseas and domestic companies have allowed it to establish nationwide operations and generate a strong market presence. Coca-Cola generally sells its internationally known drinks Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite. The company also sells Diet Coke in a few regions and develops local brands with ...

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This solution of over 300 words discusses the traditional, international and local sales strategy of Coca-cola and also lists the company's top ten customers. All references used are included.