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    You are the workgroup leader in the finance department at New Products Creation, Inc., an industrial components manufacturer. New Products Creation needs to build a new robotics component manufacturing plant. Current facilities are rapidly becoming obsolete. New Products Creation must introduce new technology in order to reduce labor costs.

    Funding for this project will come from a consortium of Venture Capitalists, a bond offering and bank loans. New Products Creation's competitive edge in the market place depends on getting this new component plant built and functioning within the next 48 months. A lot depends upon securing the financing, including your future with the company.

    Harvey Lyons, your boss, reports to the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Harvey has assigned you and the members of your workgroup the responsibility of developing the PowerPoint presentation which will be used to explain the necessity of the new manufacturing facility and the company's plan for financing the construction.

    You will be delivering this presentation to several types of audiences; to the board of directors of the parent company, to small groups of Venture Capitalists and to both commercial and investment bankers. It will also be presented at the annual stockholder's meeting which takes place in five weeks. Each of these groups will need to see different levels of detail of the main presentation depending on their particular interest in the project. It will take the entire workgroup's team effort to plan, create and polish this presentation before the stockholder's meeting.

    The focus of the presentation development will be on content that:

    Meets the needs of the audience
    Will project well in PowerPoint
    Shows the benefits to the audience
    Meets the presentation objective

    PowerPoint Requirements

    My subject is the Venture Capitalists and I must have 10/12 slides as instructed below:

    2 files - one normal, one slide sorter view
    Minimum 10 slides
    Clip art or photos
    Table with 2 fill colors
    Different bullet style
    Spell check
    3-D element
    Word Art
    Notes to show the intent of the slide - overview of what will share and that I may need to know that I cannot tell from the slide itself
    Auto shape
    Change body text style on one slide

    Note: Be sure to not get too focused on the design requirements that you forget to focus on the content and meeting the objective.

    **I need help on the proper format and layout or the presentation. I have some inforarmation but I'm not sure if I am presenting it properly. I must have a powerpoint presentation. How would I put the files attched in an pp presentation.

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