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    "Education Week" is right around the corner in your community. In recognition of this week, each school in your district nominates one teacher for the "Outstanding Teacher of the Year" award, and your school principal has nominated you. The winner of this award will be chosen based on their response to the following questions:

    What is learning?
    What is education?

    To prepare for this competition, you sit down at your computer to write a response. The audience will be mostly educators and some interested community leaders, so you decide to create a PowerPoint presentation that highlights (1) different views of learning and education, and (2) what the terms mean to you personally. You decide to illustrate the different meanings of the terms with examples from your own experiences.

    That is your task for this first Case. Create and upload a PowerPoint presentation that addresses both of the questions above. In addition to the PowerPoint presentation, you will need to supplement your work by either including an essay that discusses the content of your presentation or by using the notes section of PowerPoint to provide additional information.

    Assignment Expectations

    While there is not necessarily a right or wrong approach to this first Case Assignment, be sure to keep the following in mind:

    - There are quite different views of what learning and education are, and while not all of them need to be represented in your presentation, a diverse range of perspectives should be offered.
    - Your personal understanding of both learning and education should be illustrated with examples from your own teaching experiences.
    - Be sure to use at least five references to scholarly literature. The references should be properly cited in the text and the reference section. Remember, Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable resource for academic writing.

    Required Reading:
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    This refers to knowledge that is obtained by a person after he studies a particular subject matter. Education results from schooling that incorporates studies of a variety of subjects. It leads to the transfer of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits of a group of people (a). It may be formal or it may be informal. It may take place under the guidance of teachers or the person may educate himself. An experience that changes for forms the way a person feels, acts, or behaves is called education. In the context of today's world, education leads to understanding foreign cultures, foreign languages, and methods of doing business (b). This has ...

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