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JFK's Public Speaking Abilities

Who is one public speaker that you admire (someone famous or someone you know)? Why? How can you emulate that person the next time you have the opportunity to give a presentation? Explain one way you might include that skill or characteristic in your team Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation .

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JFK is one of the better presidential speakers of our nation. What is interesting is that Kennedy was not a naturally great speaker. When he first started out in politics he spoke in a high-pitched monotone voice; however, with determination and perseverance he was able to overcome his accent (Boston), the speed of talking (he used to talk too fast), he never paused, and never left his lectern. But with practice and his desire to become President, he began to focus on the presentation of his speeches and started to deliver them with the passion of his conviction (Schoenberg, 2000). He truly believed that he could do a ...

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This solution discusses John F. Kennedy's speaking style and why it is admired by most.