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    Public Speaking: Pitch Confidence & Command

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    1)What could constitute an ethical dilemma when it comes to using visual aids?
    2)Think about how the attributes (pitch, volume, pace and quality, articulation) of your voice can be positive or negative. Are either extremes of these qualities positive or negative? What is the perfect voice for a speaker?

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    Public Speaking

    Public Speaking is a challenging task, one that requires confidence, practice and great command of the topic. First off, let us answer your first question - ethical dilemmas and visual aids. What is an ethical dilemma? Ethics or moral philosophy defends, systemizes & presents concepts of right & wrong. A major branch of philosophy, its main aim is to ascertain the right conduct necessary to what is considered a good life. Each of us have a unique sense of what is ethical from a professional, personal and moral viewpoint influenced greatly by our socialization. An ethical dilemma happens when a particular situation or event goes against what we consider as ethical presenting us with the challenge of reacting or resolving said issue. In public speaking or any other form of social discussion or dialogue via an informal or formal setting, speakers and presenters must be aware of the ethical lines that they should not cross according to the nature and disposition of their audience. For example, if one is to speak in a Catholic School about the sex education, using ...

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    The solution discusses the merits, challenges and tasks of Public speaking, giving advice on possible ethical issues with the use of visual aid and the impact of confidence and the speaker's capacity to 'speak' including the influence of pitch, command of topic, authority and speaker character present and impact to the audience. The solution follows the APA format with a web version attached for easy printing.