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    How to improve public speaking

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    what is one area that you feel is a professional strength for you and one area that you continue to need to work on? (Planning and organizing is strength and the area I need work on is speaking at meeting)

    How do you plan to work on this area to improve it?

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    Hello, I'll be more than happy to help out here. Speaking at meetings/public speaking is certainly a skill that many professionals (at all levels of the organization). Let's review a recent Forbes article that outlined how to improve public speaking skills. In the article, Jacobs (2014) listed out the six key areas for improving the speaking:

    1. Know the audience --- who are you going to be speaking to in the meetings? What are their roles? Interests? Education level? Understanding the personalities and makeup of your audience will make you feel more comfortable when speaking at meetings.
    2. Prepare the room - make sure any material you will be using in the meeting is working. Visit the meeting room an hour or two before your meeting and do some ...

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    The expert evaluates public speaking using criteria. How you plan on this area to improve it is determined.