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Write a strategic plan for a clinical laboratory

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I am writing a strategic plan for a clinical laboratory I am having a problem trying to decide if the change I am proposing is long term and if it is how do I explain it and if its not do you have any suggestion for aplan for well established clinical laboratory key objectives Patients, growth, people(employees).

My plan is to improve turnaround time in the coagulation department by moving coag closer to processing were the specimens could be spun and test performed in half the time upon entry into the building. Our turnaround time now is 8:00 and it would probably move up to 6:30am.

No matter how many definitions I read I also am having a problem with the difference in Strategies, Grand Strategies, generic strategies, Long term objectives, goals? Are the following Long term Objectives?

Put patients first
deliver six sigma quality
innovate and rapidly deploy tests and technologies
accelerate profitable growth
continuously improve ourselves
commit to future

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I actually worked in a clinical research lab one summer. I was a clinical research technician. I actually worked with the blood samples - as soon as they would be extracted, I would then transport them to the bath which stored them, and then I would coagulate them to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. I would use the needles to extract the red blood cells, and then I would pippet them into test tubes. After this, I would flash freeze them, or use any other freezing method (depending on protocol)

Now, your ideas to move the coag closer to the processing where the specimens could be spun might be good in theory - but you have to make sure that there is no reason why the blood should rest or stay sill for a little while before coagulation - if there is no reasons why not to ...

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