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Quality control measures

Tuff Tire Company produces low-cost tires that automobile manufacturer put on new cars. It produces a total of 10,000 tires each week at its three production facilities located in Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Antonio. Although its tire are low-cost, it is concerned about quality since automobile manufacturers don't want to spend much on tires for new cars but are concerned that the tires last a while.

1) What sort of sampling should Tuff Tire do to maintain quality?

2) Are there other quality control measures it should consider?

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1) It would be impossible due to time and money to actually sample every single tire produced, since they produce a very large scale of tires each week. The best bet would be to pull out a random sample of 100 tires from each lot produced. Often, if there is a defect in one tire, then it can be assumed that the entire lot has a defect. It is worthwhile for reputation ...

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This postings examines quality control measures in terms of a tire manufacturing company as well as sampling to maintain quality.