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Incorporation of Strategic Controls

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What are strategic controls, and how should they be incorporated into your strategic business plan?

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Over 1000 words outline the basics of strategic controls and how to put them into a working business plan.

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Controlling involves influencing the human behaviour in order to achieve the deliverables of the project. Controlling is much broad then the monitoring. It involves laying down the standard, using the techniques to influence the human behaviour to achieve the standards. After it the performance is measurement and corrective action is taken.

Strategic control is concerned with the monitoring progress in accomplishing the strategic goals of the organization. It is very critical to any organization, because without it the results could be chaotic. Organization have to improve their operational performance by proper evaluation and control mechanisms.

Thus Strategic control system is designed to support managers in evaluating the organization's progress regarding its strategy and when discrepancies exit, taking corrective action. The dual responsibilities of the control system are efficiency and flexibility. Control plan will consist of following:

? written status reports of the status of quality initiatives
? Updates to lists of action items, risks, problems, and issues
? Updates to the plan and schedule, to reflect actual progress
? Comparisons of actual costs to budgeted costs, as well as the cost/benefit analysis used when starting the project by quality manager.
? Audit and review reports of the activities and work products under development

Incorporating Strategic control
The balanced scorecard is a very important tool of control. This attempts to measure and provide feedback to organizations in order to assist in implementing strategies and objectives. Note that in the strategic-management model that feedback is critically important. Changes can occur that impacts all strategic-management activities. Feedback allows these changes to be identified and adjustments ...

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