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Managing Quality and Performance

Please respond to the following:
Assume you are a manager of a small insurance agency. You are noticing a decline in job performance among the staff such as longer and more frequent breaks, questionable expenses on expense reports, and decline in job performance. Analyze what measures you can take to address the issues.
Compare and contrast the different models of control.
Evaluate your current or expected organization's quality management. What control measures are utilized? What control measures would you suggest to improve their system?

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The first part of the question deals with Performance, while the second part deals with Quality. I will answer in that assumption.

Performance Models of Control:
1. Preventive controls: the goal is to identify and prevent deviations in the standards before they occur. In the nature of the case above it would focus on human, resources within the organization. These controls are in the selection and hiring of new employees. For example, organizations identify the necessary job skills and use testing to hire people with those skills. In the above case this preliminary model of control may be poor and would need to be strengthened.
2. Concurrent controls: monitor ongoing employee activity to ensure consistency with expectations. These controls are performance standards and regulations for tasks and ...

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