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This posting addresses quality control issues for defects.

My company provides repair services to airlines and has both field service on site repairs and a repair depot for other repairs and maintenance. Field service technicians, who report to the manager of field service, often replace major assemblies to get equipment back on line as quickly as possible, sending the "defective" assemblies back to the depot. The depot technicians, who report to the depot manager, complain that too many of the defective field returns are diagnosed "no trouble found". Indicate what actions you would recommend be taken to better understand and resolve the situation.

How would you proceed as hypothetical business student.

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The way that you respond needs to be based on three different criteria. Your response to this situation must incorporate collected data to identify the scope of the problem present, determining how you would solve the problem, and coming up with ways to implement the situation.

The scope of the problem in this scenario is that technicians send defective products back to the depot, and when they get there, the products are found by the techs at the receiving center to not be defective. We need to solve this problem by instituting some ...

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The solution provides a detailed discussion on how to control the amount of defects, and actions to take if many products are being labeled as defective that are found to be in proper working order.