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Product Design and Quality

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What important organizational activities enable a firm to build quality into its products? Explain each of these along with its benefits.

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Several important organizational activities enable a firm to build quality into its products. The number one item is the culture of the organization. Phillip Crosby wrote about the importance of accepting zero defects in the '70's as a way to regain quality in America. The concept is to establish a mind set in employees that anything below perfect is unacceptable. Quality control can be implemented through error detection, for example, having eyes on the shop floor inspecting each product for flaws. It might include quality assurance in which prevention and detection is involved. This is helpful in finding the root cause of the problem. Steve Jobs was fastidious about the quality and design of Apple products, going so far as to hold up ...

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This detailed solution discusses the organizational activities which help a firm to build quality into its products. APA references are included.

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