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Project Management Plan Development

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Being the project manager for the organization, and have been asked to develop the overall Project Management Plan that will be used to implement a change to current processes and methodologies. Assigned a point of contact (POC) within the enterprise's program management office. Provide the POC with an overview of the project focus. In preparing to meet with the POC, you are going to collaborate with fellow project managers to discuss and share ideas on each of the problem areas.

In preparing for this discussion, need the following items:

Identification of the element of the organization in which the problem resides
A clear statement of the specific problem
The impacts on the organization
The initial goals of the project
Reference sources to research and develop a recommended solution

The instructions for this project are as follows:

The input must include a clear identification of the specific problem and where in the organization the problem exists.
Additionally, there must be clear statements regarding the impacts if the problem is not resolved.
The input must point out the goals that are to be reached by resolving the problem.
Initial reference sources that will be researched for development of the solution need to be identified.
The responses must have supporting reference sources.
Initial input should have at least 2 references from sources other than school-provided materials or texts.
These sources need to be no more than 5 years old and from professional journals or Web sites of professional organizations.
The formatting of the input shall have references and parenthetical citations that comply with the sixth edition of the APA manual.

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Identification of the element of the organization in which the problem resides:
The element of the organization in which the problem resides is the organizational structure. The current structure is such that there are conflicts, quarrels, and disputes. These are dysfunctional for the organization. The current production department has four divisions namely forging, machining, casting, and assembling. Each of these divisions has separate heads. The personnel in each division are required to interact with persons from the other departments.
A clear statement of the specific problem:
Conflicts in the production department have been an increasing problem for the company. The conflicts lead to delays in deliveries, deadlines being violated and cancelled orders. Too many cross relationships between divisions and persons make it difficult to pinpoint the cause of conflict. Since there are different divisional heads, the responsibility for performance is not fixed. There are four divisional heads and there are clashes. Production decisions are delayed because several bosses have to be consulted. For example, if an "emergency" purchase is to be made signatures from at least three divisional heads have to be obtained. The coordination breaks down.
If these problems are not solved, there will be an increasing delay of deliveries, ...

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