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Managing crisis: Project manager made a mistake. How to deal with it.

A quarter of the way through development of your project, you realize a key component has been left out of the project specification. The business unit must be notified and must agree to the changes in the project specification.

When you (as Project Manager) mention this to a business unit manager in the hallway, he publicly blames you for not doing your job right. Write the dialog that would occur at the team meeting as you describe the process you would use to deal with this situation. Be sure to include ideas for managing expectations and the steps one can use to manage angry people.

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- the first thing that was good was that you took responsibility - this is a key issue. If you confess to the situation early on, it is much better then to let the problem slide until the end of the project when the is nothing much more that can be done. What would be worse, completing the project only to realize the error at the end, or to bring it up when things can change

- calmly explain the problem that happened, outlining as many ...

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The solution presents a very practical and workable solution to enable the project manager to correct the mistake. It also includes how to deal with the Business Unit Manager.