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Project Management

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Top 10 rules for a Successful Project Manager.
Read One Hundred Rules for NASA Project Managers at http://www.altisinc.com/Links/100_Rules.html

From your experience document top 10 rules for a successful project manager.
Give specific and measurable rules.
For each rule, give an example and measurable indicators. .

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Rule #92: In case of a failure:
· a) Make a timeline of events and include everything that is known.
· b) Put down known facts. Check every theory against them.
· c) Don't beat the data until it confesses (i.e., know when to stop trying to force-fit a scenario).
· d) Do not arrive at a conclusion too fast. Make sure any deviation from normal is explained. Remember the wrong conclusion is prologue to the next failure.
· e) Know when to stop.
A project to commission software overshot the time substantially; only I the project manager knew it was sabotage. One option was to hide the fact as it had not been reported by me initially and I would be blamed for hiding the facts, the other was to own up to the hiding, take responsibility for the cover up and risk losing my job.
When I disclosed the reason for hiding the sabotage the company appreciated it and I was given the charge of the next project! The management appreciated my people managing abilities. The next project earned me a salary of $45,000 in two and a half months time!
Rule #90: A puzzle is hard to discern from just one piece; so don't be surprised if team members deprived of information reach the wrong conclusion
The master batch received in the first consignment of a plastic molding plant appeared discolored. I insisted that the workers start the production process and use that master batch. It gave excellent results; a new chemical had been added to the master batch to 'protect' its pigment, this was the cause of the color, the saved master batch, cost $20 thousand and the time saved in process, 2 days.

Rule #86: In the rush to get things done, it's always important to remember who you work for. Blindsiding the boss will not be to your benefit in the long run.
While working on a BOPP tape-manufacturing ...

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