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Implementation plan for delay in construction

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I need guidance on implementing a plan to senior management team. I need to develop and assemble responses regarding the solution plan to construction issues regarding new homes. The knowledge can be adapted for integration into an implementation plan.
Jordan's construction company has a project to build 10 custom homes. This project has a timeline of 4 years at the end of this time timeline the possession of the homes will be given to the customers. This solution plan will provide you with an insight into Jordan's construction existing situation and provide highlights into ways the firm plans to solve disputes that may be encountered during the construction project.
The stakeholders are Platinum Supply Chain whom we will be contracting with during the next for years. The approach would be to handle all dispute in the most economical and optimizing fashion in order to drive up stakeholder return
I would like to implement a $20,000 penalty given to customers for late delivery

I need to compile the following elements:
Introduction, background, problem, purpose, significance of the problem or concern, analysis, strategic plan, plan of action for implementing your proposed solutions, and defending of your conclusion(s).

Also identify the project's legal and ethical ramifications of the solutions, cost estimates of the solutions, and a timeline associated with implementation of the plan. Identify any challenges your team may have to address in order to successfully implement the plan and maintain recommendations for future projects.

Your response should be detailed, succinct, and thorough in assessment, justification and explanation.

Support your paper with minimum of five (5) resources. At least 10 pages. The 10 pages is not including title and reference page.

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