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    Risk management - Building Boeing 787 project risk in details Timeline, Costs and Disruptions

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    Building Boeing 787 Dereamliner Sources of construction project risk:
    a. Timeline risk
    b. Costs risk
    c. Disruptions risk

    Need detail explanation for each timeline risk , cost risk and Disruptions risk separately in each paragraph.
    Please provide source.

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    Timeline Risks: The project can face timeline risks, ie, delays in the completion of the project as per planned schedule. Timeline risks can occur due to numerous factors such as change in scope, shortage of skilled staff or financial resources during the project, occurrence of other risk events such as natural disasters and accidents, etc. In order to mitigate timeline related risks, it is important to make accurate estimates about the time required to complete each activity. Further, the project manager should have backup staff in place to meet urgent requirements for additional human resources for the project.

    The Boeing dreamliner project suffered numerous delays due to factors such as redesigning of several parts to reduce weights of the aircraft, delay on part of the subcontractors to procure the required ...

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    Discusses timeline risk, cost and disruption related risks as it relates to dreamliner project of Boeing.