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    A Critical analysis of Ford Motor Company

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    I. Instructions for Project:
    1. Select one of the companies below and conduct a literature research including but not limited to text books and journals:
    i. Companies: Google, Dream Works, Cisco, Genentech, Qualcomm, Apple, Devon Energy, Walmart, ING Group, General Electric, Total, Bank of America, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, AT&T, Royal Dutch Shell, BP Oil Company, Ford Motors, J.P. Morgan Chase, Boeing, Citigroup, Cardinal Health.
    ii. Conduct a critical analysis of your selected company. The criticality analysis should be from the managerial standpoint describing the company origins, operations and their correct or incorrect application of the management functions: Planning and Organizing. You can perform your initial search in Fortune 500 and start from that point your research.
    2. The project must contain but is not limited to the following sections:
    i. Introduction
    ii. Definition of key topics.
    iii. Current Applications/Examples.
    iv. Discussion.
    v. Bibliography
    II. The project should not have more than 7 pages.
    III. Use adequate references [e.g., journals or text books].
    IV. This is an individual project, therefore projects will be evaluated with respect to originality and appropriate coverage of topic definitions, applications and discussion.

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    Ford Motors


    According to the 2013 ranking of Fortune 500 companies, Ford Motors ranks 10 . Its ranking in 2012 was 9. That Ford continues to hold its

    position in the top ten of the Fortune 500 ranking is owing to the dynamic CEO of Ford Motors , Alan R. Mullaly.

    Ford has been able to sustain its position , inspite of a harsh economic environment. With the severe recession in Europe, Ford is slated to cut

    not less than 6,200 jobs there.

    But it is not all bad news for this remarkable company. Ford , after its foray into China is likely to beat Toyota and Hyundai, two of its Japanese

    rivals. This is probably due to its new models such as the Focus.

    Alec Gutierrez, Kelley Blue Book senior market analyst of automotive insights said that Ford fared quite well this year, with sales up 12 percent

    to nearly 1.7 million vehicles sold during the first nine months of 2013.

    Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in the year 1903, June 16, 1903, to be exact. Ford was to soon revolutionize the industry and

    automobile production. In a book ( Olson, 2002) on the American Auto Industry, and in another one ( Russ et al, 2002 ) the transformations in

    the automobile itself from its humble beginnings to what we see today , and the tumultuous stages that the company went through in over

    100 years, before it became the iconic company that it is now, is narrated in vivid detail.

    Let us look at the timeline of the Ford Motor Company :

    June 16, 1903: The Ford Motor Company was incorporated by Henry Ford and 11 other investors, in Michigan.

    Oct. 1, 1908: the Model T was introduced. The Model T became one of the most liked cars, in the world.

    Oct. 7, 1913: The first moving assembly line in the world was introduced by Ford, in its plant in Michigan.

    Jan. 5, 1914: Ford increases pay and reduces work hours, making it one of the most sought after company, by job seekers.

    March 1, 1941: Ford begins to produce vehicles for the US military.

    Jan. 17, ...

    Solution Summary

    The Ford Motor company has seen a tumultuous ride in the last 100 years, as has the automobile industry. While the going was good till the 1980s , the advent of the compact Japanese cars meant that the American auto giants had to restructure and reinvent themselves to survive in this industry.