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    Strong Cultures and Strategies

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    Is strong culture a negative drag on strategy? How do we strategize to get an "innovative" culture? (Google, 3M, Apple are some successful examples).

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    Let's take a closer look at these two questions. I attached the article from which this response was drawn for further reading.


    1. Is strong culture a negative drag on strategy?

    Strong culture is positive when it is aligned with the strategy and execution of the strategy. Effective execution evolves from the capability and the willingness of all employees to perform in certain ways. Behavior needs to be modeled by management. If the culture is strong and not aligned with the corporate strategy, then it can be a negative drag on the strategy, like a strong culture that does not support the new vision and value proposition. Then, successful realization of the strategy is an almost impossible task. Since corporate culture guides and shapes the behavior of people?from the newest employee to the most experienced, It is the driver of behaviors, mindsets, perspectives,attitudes and beliefs. In fact, in one study the strength of the culture is complex. They found that "that organizations with strong, unitary cultures are not necessarily more profitable than those with multiple ...

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    This solution discusses whether a strong culture is a negative drag on strategy.