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Organizational Culture

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Kindly help with 3 to 4 page paper stating the name of an organization and explain its purpose (what does the organization do? Manufacture products? Sell services? Provide entertainment? Provide spiritual and religious guidance and services?). It may be an entire organization (like Walmart, a place of worship or a professional association) or a smaller group within the organization (a subdivision, department or working group).

Describe the values, norms and beliefs that might be unique to the organization and how these concepts relate to the 'culture' of the organization.
How might the theoretical concepts of Structural-Functionalism and Conflict Theory be useful for providing a better understanding of the concept of culture?
Does the process of socialization in an organization work in the same way as it works in a society as a whole? Explain.

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. What you are being asked here is to write a 3-4 page organizational study, a 'getting to know' introduction to the purposes and structure of a particular organization in society. By the way you have framed it; your professor is allowing any organization to be studied so long as you do what is asked of you. Basically, you are being tested to see if you can test an organization's function and structure which is an essential skill in sociology. Organizations after all are the secondary and referential grouping in society. Schools, businesses, churches, formal, non-formal and hobby/interest groups are all organizations as they are a grouping of human beings who came together for a purpose where they share responsibilities and functions. So you are being asked to write a 3-4 page paper. First off, you must decide what organization to tackle. I have previously written a solution on a similar problem and because of familiarity, Wal-Mart is a top choice. Starbucks is also a good choice followed by FedEx. They are massive US corporations but do not worry, you are not being asked to do a detailed assessment of its entirety. You can, for example, focus on one branch of Wal-Mart alone. It is after all a sub-group or a sub-organization of the bigger organization. To do this paper, it will be easier if you followed an Outline. This will guide you in putting together the entire paper. I suggest the following Outline:

1. Introduction - what is this paper about? What is the organization you decided to study? Why? About 200 words.
2. Organizational Purpose - here, explain the basic purpose of the organization. Is it commercial or non-profit. Who are its main characters? A little of its history might be helpful too. What is the organization's place/importance to society? About 400 words, 2 paragraphs.
3. The structure of the organization - is it the main group or a sub-group? Who are its members? What are the roles and functions available and how are they undertaken? About 200 words.
4. Norms and culture - what are the norms and culture of the organization? How are they unique? About 200 words.
5. The Sociological concepts - here, apply functionalist and conflict theory in organizational play. About 200 words.
6. Socialization in organization and society - Here explain how socialization works in an organization and in society in general using your example. About 200 words.
7. Resources - list all the references and sources you used.

All in all above, you are going to hit around 1,400 words which is about standard if you want a 3-4 page paper, double space at 12 size Times Roman font. I am sure that you have class materials relevant to this particular paper. Since you did not indicate what they are, I cannot incorporate ideas from there. Rest assured however that the information below is generally applicable and should be enough to help you with this paper. Just make sure that when putting together your paper, you consider the inclusion of additional information from your class - that which your ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise to students in putting together a paper on a particular organization and its purpose. The values, norms and culture of the organization is discussed, using sociological perspectives listed in the original problem (see above).