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    The Theories of Managerial Leadership

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    There is currently no grand theory of executive leadership. But you have become involved in a research project to develop one. Your objective in its development is to link the behaviors of leaders and managers. Your resulting theory might state, "leaders are the best part of managers" or "leaders are people-oriented managers." What does your theory state? Defend your theory with examples taken from your readings. You might give an example where you witnessed a manager focus on the people in the organization rather than on the problems at hand, or you might have seen a leader resist change rather than embrace it. Explain the event(s) and its effect on your theory development.

    Remember, this is your opportunity to be creative. Be imaginative. Explore the possibilities.

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    Managerial Leadership Capability Theory

    The development of managerial leadership is a critical area which has to be given top priority. The reason being that in today's world of intense competition the leadership is one area which can make a lot of difference in a particular organization.

    The theory which I propose is based on the assumption that Manager should have the twin qualities of getting work executed and giving leadership to people. This we are saying as Managerial Leadership Capability Theory. Both the qualities have to be balanced in terms of importance as per situational needs. Following are the essential qualities of a Managerial leader:


    a) Inspires a sense of purpose and direction: Within the overall strategic context, presents others with an integrated picture of the actions and priorities that will be required. Provides people with a clear sense of direction and creates a shared understanding of what has to be achieved
    b) Focuses strategically: Manager develops a long term perspective on organizational success. Integrates a 'big picture' view of goals with how to achieve them
    c) Harnesses information and opportunities: Seeks to acquire knowledge, and is open to new information and different perspectives
    d) Shows judgment, intelligence and commonsense: Grasps complexity and ...

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