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    Organisational Behavior: Managerial Styles

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    Please give me an outline/ guide to attempt this question. What are the appropriate motivation theories, what are the differences/ similarity of David & John managerial styles. Whose style is more appropriate? Who would you rather work for and why?,

    Please see attachment for case study.

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    Dear Student,

    The challenges faced by David Cook and John Lemark are common is most organizations. This is especially common in organizations that rely on creativity and technical expertise as a foundation of their business. John and David have to reach a common ground for the good of the business. Establishing a platform to reach this common ground is an appropriate way for them to begin the process. My recommendation would be for the two of them to have a facilitated process and start with the following questions:

    -What is Moral Leadership?
    -What is Shared Leadership?
    -How do you lead across Cultures?
    -How do you Lead Organizational Change?

    Moral leadership has been at the forefront of the news in recent years. With moral leadership issues regarding AIG, Enron, and Merrill Lynch, many organizations have had questionable leadership take them down the wrong path. A discussion needs to take place on the overall direction of ...

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    Appropriate motivational theories are examined. The differences and similarity of David and John managerial styles are determined.