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Organizational Behaviour: Dysfunction & Bullying

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From your own experience, describe a situation in which you were involved for which the conflict was dysfunctional. Describe another example, from your experience, for which the conflict was functional. Now analyze how other parties in both conflicts might have interpreted the situation in terms of whether the conflicts were functional or dysfunctional.

? Draw on your work experiences, or alternately, use experiences from your personal or family life, or from clubs or other non-work-related organizations.
? Describe the functional and dysfunctional conflict, and also the roles, responsibilities, and reactions of the people involved.
? Take some time to describe what each conflict was about and why you think it happened. Provide as many details as possible.
? Identify whether each conflict was a task, relationship, or process conflict.
? Relay how the conflict was solved, if at all.

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Organizational Conflict Management

One of the most challenging situations to confront individuals are the frictions they experience in an organizational setting at work, at home or in the clubs and organizations they are a part of. Human conflict is a natural occurring situation. Each individual exhibits likes & dislikes informed by their individuality and their socialization. While socialization is not the only individualising factor, culture, traditions, experiences & practices influence the totality of what an individual becomes & how he/she reacts to the stimuli of the world about him/her. It is undeniable that most individuals whether in their status as part of a primary or a secondary social group or as an expression of their individuality desire a smooth-sailing life; social networks however bring individual desires, opinions & personalities clashing in settings that require social relations.

In a larger social setting, conflict equates to the inability of groups to agree to a compromise via diplomacy. In the case of nations for instance, in the worst of cases, conflict is resolved through wars. The conflict between Communist Russia & and Democratic United States after the Second World War was of ideology and the unresolvable disagreement over how to rebuild the world. Both nations were members of NATO and both were part of the Allied Nations. Conflict however resulted to almost half a century of wars by proxy, including the Vietnam War & the earlier conflict in Afghanistan. Worst case scenario aside, individual & small group settings while they could get unmanageable necessitates only certain functions set aside for the purpose of conflict ...

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The solution explains organizational dysfunction via an example, tackling the story of bullying within the ranks and the affect it had on the organization and the person it was directed to. This solution is based on actual experience, looking at the varied points of views of the players7characters involved in the organization & the resulting dysfunction, what they did, why they did it and how it was finally resolved. The situation is in a university setting and the dysfunction happened within the ranks of the Library staff. Written in APA format, word version is attached.