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    Questions on Organizational Behavior

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    1. What explanations for mergers and acquisitions would you offer if it were found that they rarely produce positive financial gains for the shareholders?

    2. Identify and explain at least three guidelines for the acquisition of position power and personal power by managers.

    3. Your friends know you are taking Organizational Behavior and constantly show you Dilbert cartoons in which managers are implementing decisions that are unrelated to problems. What insight can you share with them to understand Dilbert better?

    4. What is escalating commitment and why is it important to recognize in decision making?

    5. Discuss the common pitfalls you would expect to encounter in negotiating your salary for your fist job, and explain how you would try to best deal with them.

    6. What should a manager do when forces for unplanned change appear?

    7. What types of formal groups are found in organizations today?

    8. From either your experience as a team leader or working with a team, tell me what were the successes and failures of the team you worked with. Use general terms and you do not need to name individuals in the team.

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