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    Sales Promotions Tools: Consumer Incentive

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    Sales Promotions offer consumers an incentive to buy. Name at least four different types of sales promotion tools, tell how you would use them, and provide an example of a type of product or service you would promote using this tool. Failure to provide all of the requested information will result in a loss of points.

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    (1) Coupons - I would use coupons when putting a product on the market that is an everyday, household type of item, including cleaning products, groceries, or other miscellaneous household items. I would use this in two ways - I would have a coupon included in the weekend newspaper for the product, as an incentive to buy, while many consumers are preparing their weekend grocery shopping lists, and looking through their newspaper for coupons. I would also put a coupon machine in the aisle right by the product, as is common ...