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    This post discusses ways to handle marketing competitors.

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    As you are signing the guest register to call on a new customer, you notice that a competitor was just there also. You have been told by mutual customers that this competitor's price is less than yours but the quality of its product is also less. You also know that this particular competitor's salesperson is very aggressive and has been known to exaggerate the performance of his/her product and denigrate yours.

    With this information, discuss the various ways you would or would not mention the competition.

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    The golden rule in marketing is to never, ever, ever badmouth the competition. The first thing you would want to make sure that you don't do is to badmouth the other firm, even though the other firm badmouthed yours. By denigrating the other company's product, you appear to the new customer in the same way that the other firm did, and it gives an immediate impression of a war between the two companies, and ...

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