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Can AT & T Tame the Data Hogs?

Can AT&T Tame the Ihogs? How?

Burrows, Peter & Kherif, Oga (2009, 28 December). CAN AT&T TAME THE IHOGS? Business Week. New York: p21. Available on 4 July 2010 at

Now, thinking about pricing and other marketing variables, what would you recommend to AT&T that would reduce congestion and improve service?

If you are one of the first five to post, your post should start a thread as a direct response to TD5 and your second post should be a critique of or support for the position of one other student.

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AT & T can tame the heaviest data users by applying basic pricing concepts to the system. Most products are offered in a manner in which the more you use, the more the product costs. Consider local municipalities like garbage, electricity, and water. Consumption costs money. However, heavier users feel that they are owed a discount. In most industries quantity discounts are offered. AT &T needs to switch to a tiered plan for all users, so that heavy subscribers, who "use 12 times more data than the average customer," (Lawson, 2011) do not impact the speed for the bulk of AT &T's customers.

AT &T's current method of slowing down the connection for ...

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This solution addresses the problem AT & T faces with certain customers using excessive data, causing a problem for all users. It discusses the issue and suggests solutions. References are included.