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    Ethics in International Marketing

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    Ethics, Legal and Cultural Aspects of Marketing Internationally


    Post 2 challenges many companies face in the areas of ethics when marketing a product in another country.
    Post a legal and a cultural issue that must be considered when marketing a product in another country.

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    Unit 5: Approaches to International Marketing
    Unit 5: Int'l Barriers, Treaties, Strategies
    Unit 5: Int'l Marketing/Environmental Factors

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    Ethical challenges corporations face in marketing a product in another country

    Marketing internationally demands awareness of cultural and religious beliefs of those the marketing efforts are targeted for, so as to avoid offending its people or encouraging them to take part in actions that go against their beliefs. For example, marketing dairy products to a nation where most if its residents are ...

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    This document discusses the cultural considerations of marketing in the global arena, such as consumption, customs, beliefs and laws, that may affect demand of a product or service. Brief explanations of how each of these factors affects cultural considerations in global market are provided.