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    The Relationship Between the Internet and Marketing

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    Please discuss: How has the advent of the internet created opportunities for marketing? Provide references at the end of the response.

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    Chuck Martin, best selling author of Digital Estate and founder of Netfuture Institute says that "We stand at the cusp of a new era where most traditional business models will disappear and where the wired consumer and the wired organization will function in harmony."

    The internet is a wonderful mirror reflection of the real world, and is also known as the virtual world. The most exciting part of the internet for businesses is the fact that they have an opportunity to open a new branch in this virtual world, which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

    Thus, using the internet is creating immense opportunities for marketing. It is basically an evolution in the way companies interact. It provides information to facilitate delivery of goods and services and supports change initiatives and reinforces business process re-engineering. It improves external business relationships also. It helps in delighting customers reaching to them without the constraints of geography and time, and all of this is at a reduced ...

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    This solution provides a response of over 600 words, including 8 references, detailing how the marketing industry has become much more advanced since the implementation of the internet. Example e-commerce businesses are discussed to exemplify how the internet is able to attract target customers and change the qualities of the business environment.