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    Starbucks and Clay Christensen's milkshake analogy

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    Resource: Milkshakes: Understanding the Job video
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    Determine and list the basic utility of Starbuck's coffee.
    Identify Starbuck's current marketing and promotional strategies and explain how the manufacturer wants its consumers to use it.
    Use Clay Christensen's milkshake analogy and write a 250-500 word discussion to answer the following:

    What is the product's job?
    What are the substitutions?
    What alternative marketing strategies could be implemented to redefine the utility of your product?
    In addition to the product's original market, how will product definition change its target market?
    What effects will re-marketing your product have on current consumer behavior?
    What are the risks of implementing Clay Christensen's milkshake analogy?
    What additional consumer needs are satisfied by using Clay Christensen's approach?

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    //For planning new products, the company first segments its market and develops strategies accordingly. This segmentation involves driving the consumer base into target demographics, such as age, gender, income level, education, etc., but according to Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christensen, consumers usually do not go about shopping by conforming to particular segments. This discussion will focus towards the analogy of Clayton Christensen in order to explain the concept of Job-to-be-done. It will also describe the current marketing and promotional strategy of Starbucks coffee and explain the way a manufacturer wants the customer to use it//.

    Starbucks coffee specializes in purchasing, roasting and distributing coffee at its coffee shops. High quality coffee beans are the central theme that the company carries and also ensures that consumers get high quality services. Starbucks' strategy focuses on controlling every step of coffee making, so that they can deliver the best quality products (The story of Starbucks, 2009). Starbucks coffee is perceived as a standardized product and commodity in the market that attempts to maintain high ...

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    Starbucks and Clay Christensen's milkshake analogy is identified. The basic utility of Starbuck's coffee is listed.