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What is a function, in your own words? Give an example of a function using the variable x and explain how we evaluate a function for a given value of x.

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I like to view functions as a "numbers blender"

When you make a smoothie or a milkshake, you put different ingredients (like ice cream, fruits, milk) and press the button. The blender OPERATES on the ingredients and produces (outputs) a different food.

Now if you change the ingredients, say instead of strawberries you use mango, you will get a different smoothie. If you use chocolate ice cream you will get chocolate milkshake and if you use vanilla ice cream you will get vanilla milkshake.

Yet the machine that produced these different types of milkshakes is exactly the same each time.

Now, if we put the all the possible ingredients in one set and put all the possible milkshakes in a different set, we can draw a line from each group of ...

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Functions are thoroughly described and exemplified using real world connections.