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Sport Marketing & Personal Selling

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Using the Internet, find an example of an advertisement for a sports product and a sports-related sales promotion. For each, discuss the targeted audience, the promotional objectives, and the message characteristics.

When do sports marketers use personal selling? Describe, in detail, the steps in the strategic selling process.

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This detailed solution discusses when marketers use personal selling in sports and the steps in the strategic selling process.. It also discussing how marketers sell a sports product and a sports-related promotion. It includes samples of each type of advertisement, along with a discussion about the targeted audience, promotional objectives, and characteristics of the messages. APA references are included.

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An example of an advertisement for a sports product is the Newton Running Shoe's "Try 60 Days of Better" (2012), an advertisement that encourages runners to "try our shoes and experience 60 Days of Better. If you don't fall in love with them, bring them back within 60 days. It's that simple." (Newton, 2012). The targeted audience is runners, in particular, competitive runners. The promotional objective is to entice brand loyal runners to give Newton shoes a try - with the option of returning the shoes after 60 days if they are not completely happy.

The message characteristics are brand appeal, rational appeal, and personal appeal. Newton Running Shoes are the Apple of the running shoe market. ...

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