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    Network Marketing Pros and Cons

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    What are the Pro's & Con's about Network Marketing?


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    Network marketing in a sense is self explanatory because it's all about building a network of people with the goal of making money. Network marketing involves pitching an idea to a perspective client and getting them to sign up as an affiliate or a team leader, which is the first step in building a network. Each team leader will be responsible for building his or her network. Network marketing is often associated with pyramid schemes in which the primary objective is expanding your network. Revenue is generated based on profits made from people within your network. In simpler terms, the more people you have in your network the better your chances of generating revenue. Once an individual agrees to sign up, he or she is ...

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    This solution of 478 words discusses the pros and cons of network marketing as well as the characteristics of the concept. Personal examples and examples are included to illustrate networking marketing in an organization.