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Mike's Market: customer questionnaire regarding store image and marketing

Mike, the owner of Mike's Market, which is a convenience store, is concerned about low sales. Over the past year they have gone down. He's not sure how his customer base is changing, but he'd like to be able to monitor that. In addition, he suspects that his store image may be playing a role in losing customers. Draft a questionnaire that will measure this. Use the following formats and indicate the advantages for using this format:

Multiple-Category Closed-Ended Question
How to identify and monitor changing customer base?
How does store image affect customers?

How does store image affect customers?
Cons of using this format

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Questions to identify and monitor changing customer base:
1. Can you tell us your age range:
a. 18-24
b. 25-35
c. 36-50
d. Over 50
2. What is your average annual income
a. Under $36,000
b. 36,000-60,000
c. 36,000-80,000
d. Over 80,000
3. How often do you come to our store
a. Every day
b. Once or twice a week
c. Once or twice a month
d. Once or twice a year

4. How long have you been our customer
a. More than 5 years
b. Between 1 and 5 years
c. Between 3 months and 1 year
d. Less then 3 months

5.What is your occupation type
a. Profession (e.g. teacher, engineer, doctor, technician, nurse etc...)
b. Own business
c. Student
d. None
6. What is your education level
a. High school
b. College
c. Post ...

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