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    Electronic marketing for Cycle Manufacturing.

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    You are the marketing director of a bicycle manufacturing company in a start-up situation. Your marketing goals for this initial period are to promote the desired company image, facilitate communication with consumers, and keep track of products, customers, and services. Your company can only afford to use three electronic marketing resources to accomplish these goals. Choose three (3) electronic marketing resources to use and justify each resource in a memo to your company's stockholders.

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    To: All Freewheel Bicycle Company Stockholders
    From: Alex Trainer, Marketing Director, Freewheel Bicycle
    RE: Electronic marketing resources

    Attention: Stockholders, Freewheel Bicycles,
    As Marketing Director of Freewheel Bicycle, I have undertaken the task of developing a suitable electronic marketing program for our organization. With limited funds available for marketing in electronic forums, it is crucial to identify the most cost effective methods for promoting the goods and services of our organization, as well as tracking products and customer sales. The market segments of the population that our organization aims to target also help determine, to a great extent, the types of electronic media used to promote Freewheel Bicycle. The three types of electronic media selected are described ...

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