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    Calculate life-cycle operating income for Destin Products

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    Destin Products makes digital watches. Destin is preparing product life-cycle budget for a new watch, MX3. Development on the new watch is to start shortly. Estimates for MX3 are as follows:

    Life-cycle units manufactured and sold 400,000
    Selling price per watch $40
    Life-cycle costs
    R&D and design costs $1,000,000
    Variable cost per watch $15
    Variable cost per batch $600
    Watches per batch $500
    Fixed costs $1,800,000
    Variable cost per watch $3.20
    Fixed costs $1,000,000
    Variable cost per batch $289
    Watches per batch 160
    Fixed costs $720,000
    Customer-service cost per watch $1.50

    Ignore the time value of money

    1. Calculate the budgeted life-cycle operating income for the new watch
    2. What percentage of the budgeted total product life-cycle costs will be incurred by the end of the R&D and design stages?
    3. An analysis reveals that 80% of the budgeted total product life-cycle costs of the new watch will be locked in at the R&D and design stage. What are the implications for managing MX3's costs?
    4. Destin's market Research Department estimates that reducing MX3's price by $3 will increase life-cycle unit sales by 10%. If unit sales increase by 10%, Destin plans to increase manufacturing and distribution batch sizes by 10% as well. Assume that all variable costs per watch, variable costs per batch, and fixed costs will remain the same. Should Destin reduce MX3's price by $3? Show your calculations.

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