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Marketing Strategies

My name is ANONYMOUS and I am the latest smash hit exclusive fashion designer from Europe. My designs were considered in Europe this season to be the hottest product, hotter than Versace and Armani combined. I am briefly visiting SINGAPORE to work out, amongst other things, a distribution strategy for entering it.

Option 1: Advocate for ANONYMOUS to do an exclusive deal with a MAJOR UP-MARKET DEPARTMENT STORE

Option 2: Advocate for ANONYMOUS to establish a chain of up-market COMPANY OWNED AND MANAGED BOUTIQUES in exclusive shopping areas.

Option 3: Advocate a DIRECT MARKETING STRATEGY using a combination of internet, direct mail, up-market magazine/catalogue and telemarketing backed up by a central warehouse.

Option 4: Advocate FRANCHISING ANONYMOUS stores in key areas around the city.

NOTE: Argue on one of the options above and your argument should be supported with referencing.

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I would make the argument that option number three would be the most viable in this situation. I believe that a strong direct marketing strategy will be the best way to distribute the products for this designer. Direct marketing is a method that reaches a tremendous amount of individuals, which will invariably increase the statistical probability of your product generating a substantial profit.

The first thing that should be done is to conduct ...

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The major store and managed boutiques marketing strategies are determined.