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The below question will need to be answered with at least 200 to 400 words with at least two references. This is for a research project that I am conducting and I will reference you accordingly.

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What are some of the growth issues in an economy that is being restructured, facing rapid inflation, and experiencing an influx of foreign competitors with domestic companies seeking to survive?

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I found some interesting info for you regarding the growth of the Japanese economy over the latter half of the 20th century and the difficulties it encountered and the restructuring that went on in the Russian economy in the early part of the 1990s. I hope this is what you are looking for.


The consequences of Japan's economic growth were not always positive. Large advanced corporations existed side-by-side with the smaller and technologically less-developed firms, creating a kind of economic dualism in the late twentieth century. Often the smaller firms, which employed more than two-thirds of Japan's workers, worked as subcontractors directly for larger firms, supplying a narrow range of parts and temporary workers. Excellent working conditions, salaries, and fringe benefits, such as permanent employment, were provided by most large firms, but not by the smaller firms. Temporary workers, mostly women, received much smaller salaries and had less job security than permanent workers. Thus, despite the high living standards of many workers in larger firms, Japan in 1990 remained in general a low-wage country whose economic growth was fueled by highly skilled and educated workers who accepted poor salaries, often unsafe working conditions, and poor living standards.

Additionally, Japan's preoccupation with boosting the rate of industrial growth during the 1950s and 1960s led to the relative neglect of consumer services and also to the worsening of industrial pollution. Housing and urban services, such as water and sewage systems, lagged behind the development of industry. Social security benefits, despite considerable improvement in the 1970s and 1980s, still lagged ...

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