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marketing analysis

Please provide reference that will allow me to find the following information
I need to know what are the key elements of the marketing analysis.

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Key Elements of a marketing analysis are:

1) Market Characteristics: Your business will be a part of an industry. Describe the industry so readers can understand the market place. Include information on its size, location, history, competitiveness, and profitability as well as its general health. In particular, discuss
the current trends in opportunities and threats. This foundation will help you prove that a market exists for your product. Your research will be the foundation of your forecasted sales
levels and will directly influence how large your operation should be, your marketing plan, and the financing required. Your efforts to reach your potential market and create a profit
will be limited by other businesses involved in the industry. For instance, if the only way to effectively distribute you product is through a large national chain, then that chain will likely use its bargaining ...

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What are the key elements of the marketing analysis?