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I have to come up witha 350 words stating the marketing research approach I would use to develop the marketing strategy and tactics for the Mystical Mop.

New Product: Mystical Mop

Company: S. C. Johnson (http://www.scjohnson.com/en/home.aspx)

Why: Parents want clean floors and they need something better than the old fashioned dust & regular mops and the newer Swiffer and Shark Steam Cleaner. Parents are moving away from wall-to-wall carpeting and want wood/tile floors now. Swiffers are nice, but I think as a parent, I do not like products that are disposable as it gives the idea of expensive and not 'green' (which I think Swiffer is both). The new product will be less disposable and more attractive since it will not have that overtone of expensive and not green. It will be a better product because it is "combining" two in one.

Product Description: It is a Swiffer duster and a Shark steam cleaner in one. The pads are washable and replaceable when they become too dirty. It is not a sweeper, but a floor cleaner. After you "dust" your floors with the innovative new pad, all you do is change the pad and it becomes a steam cleaner to disinfect your floors. Also has a cleaner (maybe Mr. Muscle which is already a cleaner S. C. Johnson makes) you add to the water when you steam your floors for a fresh scent to your house. Eliminates having a Swiffer and a Shark that will appeal to parents. Anything green today is "in." We would also make the sweeper as light-weight as possible, yet make the water reservoir larger as well as the cord. We would also make filling the reservoir easier than the Shark's. We would make it so you can remove the reservoir and place it under a faucet (the Shark has a little cup for the water and a funnel to get the water into the reservoir, too many parts to get lost and too cumbersome).



Swiffer wet jet:


Shark steam mop:


S.C. Johnson:


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Here is what I would recommend for the market research approach.

One, the research is client-based. This means having surveys come with the products by means of finding out how satisfied the people are with the product that they purchased.

Two, you can also do in-house research by finding out the frequency in which the ...

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