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Information Dashboards

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Design strategic and operating "information dashboards" that will provide the necessary information to monitor - and if necessary, take steps to change - the marketing performance of the product or business. For the operating dashboard, identify what information is to be provided, to whom, how often, and at what levels of aggregation.

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"Start by selecting key metrics from each functional area (such as customer care, sales and marketing, product development, etc.) and defining thresholds and criteria for ongoing analysis, monitoring and reporting. Build an executive dashboard to access the information. Dashboards provide the right level of information mix between operations, financial management and performance monitoring. If implemented correctly and quickly, these projects provide swift, obvious return on investment (ROI) and show executive management the value of building a corporate BI architecture that integrates other critical business functions." .http://www.dmreview.com/article_sub.cfm?articleId=4952
In case of the online plastic surgery project our implementation begins before at the stage of market research, it can give us the exact positioning our product in the minds of our target customers and select segments like the movie stars, dashboards can allow us to monitor online the effect of our promotion efforts on the perceptions of our targets.
"Marketing executives have long been taught to test, test, test any element of a marketing campaign that they can. Over the past decade, sophisticated tools in data mining, profitability analysis and the like have taken marketing analytics to a whole new level. Success stories abound in a whole range of marketing-oriented industries: retail, consumer products, travel/hospitality, financial services, telecommunications and even charitable fundraising". http://www.computerworld.com/managementtopics/management/story/0,10801,93508p2,00.html
In addition dashboards can help us access the information about the availability of the plastic surgeons and the clinics in the preferred vicinity of our patients. This apart, dashboards can help us evaluate individual cases very quickly and give quotation, fix appointments and schedule operations. Even in case of postoperative check ups and touch ups dashboards can help us ...

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