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Important information about Positioning and Differentiation Strategies

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Identify the positioning and differentiation strategies for the a new beer product.

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Identify the positioning and differentiation strategies for the new beer product.

Positioning your product has two main components:
1. What in it for the customer?
2. What is unique about your product?

Why would I buy from you - is what your clients and potential clients constantly ask themselves when considering a purchase (i.e., new beer product). Of course what they are really asking is "what's in it for me?" And, it must be unique. A simple strategy for positioning your firm or new beer product deeply in your target market's mind is a tool called a USP. The term USP has been around for a long time. The letters stand for Unique Selling Proposition. The idea here is to identify and then communicate a concise statement of your firm's most compelling offer and benefit in a way that the potential client can automatically answer the what's in if for me question. That's all a USP is. For example, most everyone is familiar with the original Fedex USP. On time every time or it's free. At the time this offer was very unique in the shipping industry and literally built the company based on communicating this unique selling proposition. So what's your compelling offer of a new beer product? What ...

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Identifies the positioning and differentiation strategies for the a new beer product. Supplemented with an article on marketing plans and related concepts.

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