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Impact of technology on marketing

How has technology affected marketing? What types of activities, efforts and strategies does it make possible or more effective? Are there any types of activities, efforts or strategies which have been inhibited by technology?

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Impact of technology
Over the past few years, developments in Internet and on-line technology have increased with the deployment of broadband and wireless communication networks and the affordability of desktop and laptop computers. As a result, businesses and individuals around the world have harnessed these new technologies to create business-to-consumer business-to-business, consumer to consumer and the other e-commerce market places. In doing so, there has been a fundamental paradigm shift not only in how business and commerce is conducted but also in our lifestyle. The future of the organization relies on its ability to adapt to technological advancements for improving the customer delight.

Earlier the marketer used to depend on text and graphics to convey the company's value proposition, but now it can leverage the power of broadband and streaming video to stand out, get through and stay on top.

Modern technology helps the marketer in:
? Clear communication of management's vision and objectives
? Helps in personalized and customized communication
? Improves the image and trust towards the company.
? Magnify the choice as it can be on demand or real time
? Instant communication with the users
? It can create a unique identity of the organization
? No geography and time restrictions
? It helps in introducing new products or brand launches
? It helps in measuring the customer satisfaction levels
? Thus it helps in employee empowerment, improves the efficiency and profitability of the firm.
? It can help in user reviews and greater feedback from the public
? It can help in personalization by providing customized features to its users as it helps to make content more portable than ever and easier to remix, mash together or reuse in a different context.
? It ...

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