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Facebook Marketing

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1. Discuss the basics of how Facebook works in regards to its use of the search ads and the display ads. What is
the goal of this new type of advertising with respect to branding?
2. How does Facebook use segmentation and targeting in their advertising efforts? Relate this to customer
relationship management (CRM).
3. Jeff Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, stated "a lot of data is being harvested and
monetized by Facebook and its advertisers, but users have no idea." The Beacon system described in this case
also played into this arena. What is your opinion on this topic with respect to violation of your privacy?
4. What does the future look like? Is Facebook sustainable with respect to its use as a marketing and advertising
tool for business? Think about some of the challenges presented in the case.

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1. Facebook helps raise brand awareness by encouraging relevant and engaging adverts through the use of media, e.g., videos, photos and links that are shown on the feeds of targeted users. Among the various ways advertisers can raise awareness of potential customers are the following: setting up a Facebook page of their company/products, choosing the advert audience, finding people who might also be interested in their products or services, provision of a way to determine people who are most likely to respond to the adverts, clicks to any of the site's pages, and creating engaging video adverts that are helpful in making them remember the advertiser's brand. As a result, Facebook adverts can help find new customers and build brand loyalty for both existing and new viewers/customers.
2. Facebook uses various targeting strategies. As one of the most powerful and most patronized social media site, its audience share almost all kinds of information ranging from their personal data ...

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