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    Emotional Attributes, Color & Pepsi Cola

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    What are emotional attributes as far as color with the Pepsi Co.

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    Emotional attributes impact how a consumer is drawn to one brand over another, or "why some brands evoke strong negative feelings" (Banyte, Joksaite & Virvilaite, 2007). Emotional attributes impact one's attitude toward a product and are impacted by our five senses (taste, sight, smell, hearing, and touch). In the case of color, clearly only one of these senses comes into play, but sight has been determined to be the most important of the senses with consumers, according to Martin Lindstrom (Banyte, Joksaite & Virvilaite, 2007). According ...

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    This detailed solution discusses the emotional attributes as far as color with Pepsi Color. It defines emotional attributes and provides multiple APA formatted references.