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Effective commercials

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We've all discussed the ads that are obnoxious or annoying; now how about we discuss some ads that work. The most effective marketing campaign I have seen in recent months is for John Hancock Insurance. The television ads show children talking about what they want to be when they grow up; the slogan is, "It's not your life you insure." I think this is a wonderful commercial, because it reminds people what's really important.

What commercials do you feel are especially effective for you?

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Lamisil- it's for foot fungus and they actually show the foot fungus as animated roden like creatures going under your nail in a very graphic way which really makes me gringe and then the animated creatures start crawling and digging under the nail. This is probably the one commercial that makes me cringe and even though I may not have the problem, I still think of getting the medication since just the look of the animated creatures makes me want to do anything possible to pre-empt them before they appear (even though logically I know they don't look like the animation ...

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